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A mother's intuition

Mothers have been told for generations that they worry too much, that they don’t know their children as well as their teachers. I’m here to give the power back to the mother of the world. Because they know what’s best for their child. They know when their child is suffering or anxious and when their child is happy and content. They want children who will become mentally healthy, happy and independent adults.

I have spoken with hundreds of mothers who feel the education system is not serving their child well enough. Women whose children are anxious, depressed, stressed out and falling behind. They have been told their child is lazy, could do more, don’t listen enough in class, talks too much. The truth is that school kills creativity. The school system isn’t meant to support a child’s development. It provides a rigid structure where the child has to fit in in order to be successful and accepted.

I’m here to tell you. There is another way. There are as many ways as there are children. Children know what they are interested in. They know what they want to learn and they know if what they are learning brings them joy. Because a child learning joyfully will remember. Joy sticks.

“The number of children and parents suffering in silence is staggering. The level of mental health problem found in our schools is a reflection of what’s happening within the system.”


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