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Why I love television

Updated: Jan 18

Today my husband and I had a pretty busy day.

I had a pottery class, we were selling our caravan and I had a friend who needed my help.

We were in and out of the house all day and the kids managed their own time with minimal supervision.

I noticed they watched a lot of television and were in a very relaxed (vegetative ) state.

I also noticed my negative self talk (why cant they do something more interesting ? There is so much they can do other than watch ABC kids!)

Also, when I was a kid I watched a LOT of television: Before school, after school, weekends, I loved television!! Television taught me to speak English!!

And if I'm correct, I'm a very creative, sensitive and loving human being.

So watching television was not going to kill my kid's creativity or humanity. Anyway not today.

We all had a massive weekend and needed to relax.

At some point I even proposed to watch something together: A documentary about an octopus on Netflix.

They were like: Oh! Not another documentary! Boring! (See, my kids are just like any other kids!).

Me: I would also like to watch television today and we have 1 television. It would be nice for me to watch something I enjoy too. Watch it with me and if you don't like it, do something else.

And... We all loved it!

It's called My Octopus Teacher and it is so beautifully done.

It's about a tiny octopus who steels a man's heart.

It will make you cry. My kids didn't move an inch.

We could not believe what we had just witnessed.

It was a magical moment and we all learned so many lessons together.

You will NEVER look at an octopus the same way.

And I'm so happy I didn't listen to my first thoughts.


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