The number of children and parents suffering in silence is staggering.

The level of mental health problems found in our schools is a reflection of what’s happening within the system.

There are other ways to learn!





What if most of our work as parents was to sit back, observe, listen and guide them?

What if the best journey was a slower one?

The morning race to school, the regular testing, the bullying, the homework, the falling behind, the exhaustion ...what if there was another way? Without all the stress?

I chose to design a lifestyle where my kids could discover who they are and learn about the world around them without pressure.

Living a life where we learn naturally and let our instinct guide us to our next projects and mentors.

I have prepared a wide range of offerings with you in mind including courses and 1:1 mentoring. I also offer freebies and downloadables.


If you don’t find a package that suits your need, feel free to contact me and we will discuss how I can support you better.

Work with me...

Kids Playing with Lego

Is Lifeschooling for us?

5 session online short course

Designed to guide you through the different approaches to learning.


It is an invitation to tap into your courage, your intuition, face your fears and challenge the traditional model of education.


-5x 60 minutes sessions.

-Practical ideas that will make a massive difference.

-Supportive Facebook group with lifetime access.

$33 AUD
Children in the Garden

Lifeschooling 101

8 session online course

8 weeks extensive course where we are all doing Lifeschooling together. I share my mornings, my schedule for the day and my evenings: The ups and downs. No hiding!!

Learn to Lifeschool with a loving approach.  Allow your family to develop your own style and rhythm, tap into your own wisdom, find you support network no matter where you are and become a magnet for learning opportunities.  


Develop the right communication tools to set up healthy boundaries and put in place a strong self care plan for you and your family. Supportive Facebook group.


Support your child in becoming a happy learner for life.

$199 AUD
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Mentoring Call

75min 1:1 session via Zoom

A single coaching session with me can help with Lifeschooling. Many parents and children feel overwhelmed and anxious or a bit lost at times.

By letting your child lead the way, you will develop the courage to listen to your own inner wisdom. Mothers have lost the ability to trust themselves when it comes to children’s education. Having a deep conversation with me can reassure you and give you a sense of direction on your Lifeschooling journey.

$149 AUD
Kids Playing with Lego

Transition Mentoring

Monthly voice messaging serice

I offer ongoing mentoring through Voxxer 6 days a week. An app that allows you to have me with you anytime anywhere even when I’m on holidays.

This will help you when you feel overwhelmed and anxious and are not sure about how to go about Lifeschooling, I help you recenter and find the answers you are seeking.


You have me in your pocket for the price of a coffee/day.

$177 AUD/month
Children in the Garden

Constant Support

1:1 coaching + voice messaging

1 monthly 60 minute coaching session plus mentoring via voice messaging service.

$277 AUD/month
Children Kayaking on River

Consistency Coaching

Intensive 1:1 coaching +
voice messaging service

4x monthly 60 minute coaching session plus mentoring via voice messaging service

$488 AUD/month
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When covid-19 came my girls stayed home and did not go to school.

When it was time to go back my youngest didn’t want to go… 

Annie was the bright star I needed at that time – it’s funny how people walk into your life just when you need them – they are called angels.

Annie is home-schooling 3 kids very successfully, it blew my mind when I first spoke with her about it. She kept explaining to me how things are done and how this would be the best thing for my daughter.  I kept falling backwards and I was starting to get anxiety attacks myself but Annie was there for me every time reassuring me and collecting me. 

If it wasn’t for Annie, I would have returned my daughter to school. I am forever grateful Annie, for being there for me every time I needed support and for not letting me brake under the pressure, school and the “Norm” perspective was putting on me.

Or and Ada Ulrich, Parents

After your class yesterday and what you said on here last night I was thinking about things and I decided we should make a fishing diary up and the kids would learn heaps by keeping a diary of weather conditions and what they catch etc. In the car today we were talking about what we put in the diary and I thought I’d google it and this article came up. I just wanted to share it with you all in case any of you have kids who are passionate fisherman. Also I think it relates to anything your kids, or you, could be passionate about. 

Also, how can I expect my kids to see projects through from start to finish if they don’t see me indulging in my interests. I studied fashion at uni and I used to looooove sewing and again, I haven’t done any of that since I’ve had kids.

So my goals this week are to pick up a book and set up my sewing table!

Thank you Annie Bourgault you’ve inspired me! 

Mum of 4 boys

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