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Let me share
the magic of
homeschooling with a child led approach
 with you.

I want to support homeschooled

children who know who they are and what they can bring to the world instead of following a curriculum that might have very little to do with their own skills and interests.

I’m Annie Bourgault. As a parent of homeschoolers, my passion is to inspire and support parents to find the courage to help their child learn freely with joy.

When I left a busy career as a radio and television reporter in Canada for a life in Australia I had no idea I would become so passionate about learning. For 3 years I travelled around Oz in a van with my husband and 3 children before becoming a homeschooling consultant in Margaret River WA.

I’m a full-time mother, running a business helping parents design their homeschooling journey.

I specialise in lifeschooling, where children lead the way, learning what they are interested in at their own pace.

I help parents develop trust in themselves and their children, transforming their perception of what education can be.

I invite you to stop believing that you or that your kids are not doing enough. They already have everything they need inside of them. They have their own internal GPS. And you can help them find their way so they can write their own story and realise their full potential with guidance not pressure.

I have a passion for learning and teaching, I am a lifeschool mum who believes life is an amazing adventure if we dare to listen to our inner voice and our children’s soul’s calling. 

Let’s create a whole new reality for you and your family together.

I’m here to help. I offer 1:1 mentoring, guidance and support.


Are you considering an alternative education for your child but not sure if it's for you?

Or perhaps you've started but things aren't going how you had hoped?


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Kasia Bourke

Writer, Speaker,

Spirit Interpreter

I absolutely adore Annie and everything that she stands for. I had a session with Annie recently and it was phenomenal! She made me feel comfortable to ask 'silly' questions, she made me feel heard and understood. Annie holds so much knowledge around Home schooling and her version... Life schooling... She is amazing!

Carlie Maree.jpg

Carlie Maree,

WSJ Bestselling Author

Annie's passion for allowing kids to learn in their own natural way is enriching and enlivening to witness. She holds so much wisdom, and connecting with her allowed me to feel so much more solid on my decision to life-school my daughter. And I am now seeing my daughter thrive more than ever. Our family is happier, we have so much freedom, and my kids are learning so much. Thank you!

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Bianca Paola 

Reiki Master & Parent


I had a fantastic call with Annie Bourgault today, thx love. We don’t need more discipline, we need more creativity for our children. The new world needs children who stay with their flow of life and not lose it to having to find it again.

My vision is to allow all parents
to see how strong and powerful they are so they can access their wisdom and guide their child with presence and confidence. Happy children learn all the time even if we don’t
know what it is.

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