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What is Lifeschooling?

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Lifeschooling or unschooling is an opportunity to trust our instincts and intuition.


Tools we have often left behind thinking they are not reliable. Lifeschooling is about developing our inner trust and ability to follow that little voice within who says: I’d like to try this, let’s go do that! It’s about listening to our gut and learning to trust.

School is a place that encourages you to play safe and fear making mistakes. But we want our kids to be curious and make mistakes because that’s how humans learn.

When I started homeschooling I remember getting up early in the morning to prepare some lovely activities for the kids. While some of those activities worked well, most didn’t, because the kids were not in the mood or they were just not interested.

When I realised I was wasting our precious time I thought: Why bother pressuring them to follow my lead when I could more easily follow theirs?

It’s time to know the truth:

You know your kid better than anyone else. This an opportunity to develop a very different relationship together. A relationship based on trust. Trusting their inner guidance, respecting the flow of creativity that already exists within.

Together we will transform any preconceived idea about homeschooling. 

Lifeschooling from a place of love instead of schooling or homeschooling from a place of fear.

At the beginning I homeschooled with the idea that my kids would keep up with the curriculum. I thought we still needed to go back to school at some point and they could fit right back in the system. I would make sure they were on par with their schooled peers. I was not a life schooler and the idea to do was absurd.

I was driven by fear: Fear of lack of support, fear that we were not doing enough, that our kids are not enough.

Today, I wish I could give parents from all over the world the confidence to know that they are the best person to guide their children. And trust that their children know who they and what they are here to do. We need more free spirits, sensitive and grounded people.

I’m here to guide and support you throughout your life schooling journey. Because we only have one shot at childhood. No workbooks or tests needed. Only yourself, your child and your connection to each other. The only book you need is the one within.


Together we open it and reach in.

I’m here to tell you:

You are the book.

The instructions and wisdom are within yourself. All you have to do is connect to that inner knowing.

Your intuition. Open the book and reach in.

Are you ready to discover more about the magic of Lifeschooling?

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