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Homeschooling can be amazing!

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I’m a passionate woman who finds ways to help kids learn in joy.

I am a born storyteller, 

I tell stories that inspire and empower those around me.


Homeschooling in the Southwest of WA is not easy or hard. It's a journey with ups and downs. Homeschooling brings us joy and keeps us excited about learning because we don't need to compare ourselves to anyone else. Some parents may chose to follow a curriculum. I chose to follow my kids' interests because everything can be linked to the curriculum.


 I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. They are my best achievements and my soul's work. I'm also an artist and a Holistic Integrated Creative arts therapist. 

In 2006 I left a great career in journalism in radio and television in Canada. I was unhappy. The question that kept coming up was: How did I get there? How did I become so unhappy with my work? I felt like a spoilt brat. Complaining while living the life I had envisioned.

I was becoming more and more aware that the road I had taken wasn’t the road for me. It was a path traced by others. It was no one’s fault. It’s how society works. We hop on the train and do all the “right things” only to discover that we wanted to be on a boat and there are no boats near by.

Since the age of 4 I was told what I was good at, weak at, what to do, where to go and how to go about it. So this wasn’t a big surprise. I had lost my internal compass, my ability to know what was good for me and what my soul yearned for. I'm not the only  one either. I hear this story over and over. 

In my primary years I was a bright, well-spoken straight A student. By the end of high school I had hit rock bottom. I had stopped going to classes and nearly failed year 12. I was disconnected from myself while making important decisions for my future. When I finally got my diploma I cried with relief. For the last 3 years of high school I had been dragging my feet at school, finding nothing interesting, not even my arts classes. I wanted to stop studying but was encouraged to keep going. 

Like many of us, I let life make choices for me. I ended up studying journalism in university and working as a reporter.

My arrival in Australia was when my OWN lifeschooling journey started.  I felt like a prisoner who had been locked inside for a long time experiencing complete freedom for the first time.


So many things were calling me. Things that had nothing to do with my studies or with who I thought I was. It was overwhelming

But it took me a while to listen to my most important calling: Motherhood.

I had no idea what happy and independent children would look like at the time but I knew it wasn’t what my culture had taught me.

My child was learning everything through modelling.  And all this required spending time together developing a deep connection.  All I needed to do was to be there to support and encourage her.

We live in a society that sends us different messages: Don’t listen to yourself, read books from parenting experts, follow other’s instructions and send them to a good school!

I saw parents and children feeling empty, overwhelmed, anxious, drained and disconnected. I saw tired children fighting their parents not wanting to do homework, families spending less time together, filling their schedule with more activities in fear that their children would miss out. Let me tell you something: If that’s you, you are not a bad parent. Parents have simply lost touch with themselves and fear that their children will do the same. They fear they will mess up their child’s future.

But they won’t. Children need one thing: the freedom to choose a new path, their own path. That's what Lifeschooling has given us!


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You and your child have the instructions within yourself. We all came with it. That knowing is crucial for a parent. Because it allows you to connect to your instinct, your intuition without shame or guilt.

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