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Our job as parents is not to control our children, our job is to set them free.

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You want to know how to motivate kids?

Guide them towards what motivates them.

Lifeschooling 101 is a 8 weeks online course designed to help take the stress out of learning and give you the tools to embrace Lifeschooling with your family. In this course we will dive into shifting our perspective and putting solid foundations to become leaders in our family’s Lifeschooling journey.


We will do the work necessary to see our true value as mother’s in our children’s life. Mother’s in Australia and around the world constantly compare or second guess themselves. They have forgotten their inner wisdom and how to access it. Mothers no longer need to listen to experts telling them what to do. They simply need reassurance and reach within. They need to be heard and connect with other women who are also on the Lifeschooling journey. This is the perfect place to feel safe and ask any questions.


We will learn to allow the space in our life and seize opportunities to observe and guide our children towards what motivates them.  You develop the tools to help your child realign with his own internal compass while listening to our impulses, instincts and intuition.


I offer you sisterhood, support and connection because I want to see you shine and be a confident mother surrounded by happy kids.


We will explore gently the road that inspires daily my own ongoing transformational journey and can yours too. Sound like something you need right now? Please read on….

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • 7x1 hour virtual session via zoom with me.

  • Daily transformational missions.

  • No questions of me is off-limits.

  • Supportive FB group with Lifetime access

  • Develop tools to communicate our needs more effectively

  • Develop a solid self-care plan.

  • Loads of practical ideas, tools and downloadables.

  • I will share my own journey during those 8 weeks. 

  • Live every morning, and evenings.

This is for you if…

  • You are feeling lost and tired 

  • Overwhelmed by all the information you receive

  • Stressed by the demands of the school

  • You are looking to connect with sisters 

  • You have a strong sense that there is more to learning but you are still not sure how to go about it.

  • You know that Lifeschooling his the way to go but you need support and practical ideas.

  • You are ready to become a Lifeschooler and embrace a child led approach to learning. 

  • You are ready to embrace Lifeschooling but something is holding you back.

$199 AUD

One-off payment for lifetime access. 

We kick off on January 10th 9am AWST 2021.

Are you in?

Once you’ve grabbed your spot, head on over and join the Facebook group

Link will be provided


See you there!

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